Challenges of source evaluation in science and correlated areas

23-27th November, 2020

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
Galileo Galilei

The given document resumes, concludes and highlights essential points of the International conference “Challenges of Source Evaluation in Science and Correlated Areas”, which covered some of the most sensitive issues of source evaluation issues in the current world, namely, the challenges of choosing a credible source for conducting scientific research; model and classification of sources presented by David Procoppio based on co-research with Oleg Maltsev; permissibility for academics to use free encyclopedias as sources of scientific information and the role of Wikipedia and analogous free encyclopedias; challenges of assessing results received through quantitative and qualitative methods; problem of division and disciplinary biases in modern science; what are the requirements and criterias for a scientist and importance of articles in indexed journals vs quality of scientific works such as monographs; ways to differentiate a real scientific source from a fake one; problem of “ecclesiasticism” in science; the role and purpose of scientometrics databases; whether authority of an author guarantee the accuracy of scientific information; self-alignment of sources and the role of experiments.


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